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Submitting Tuition Assistance Applications

  • If you wish to submit an application for tuition or schedule an advising appointment, please click https://uhhs.edassist.com where you will be directed to the EdAssist website.
    • 2018 Tuition Assistance: If you have any questions regarding your 2018 tuition assistance please contact EdAssist directly at 844-266-1530.
    • 2017 Tuition Assistance: If you have any questions please contact the HR Service Center directly at 877-471-7522.
  • Sign Up for Advising Sessions: One-on-one sessions with educational and college finance advisors to help you evaluate schools and financial aid opportunities.
  • Application Submission Deadline: Application must be submitted no later than 30 days after the class start.
    • Early Submission Maximum: Application cannot be submitted for a class start date more than 90 days in future.
Direct Bill Application Submission Guidelines
  • Application submission: Prior to the beginning of the school term (eg. Spring Semester or Fall Semester) employees will need to apply for the semester directly with the college/university and complete a direct bill application.
  • Employee will complete their 2018 tuition assistance applications by going directly to the EdAssist website https://uhhs.edassist.com.
  • Letter of Credit: Upon approval of the application, employees will be responsible for submitting the Letter of Credit (LOC) to their direct bill school.
  • Employees will be required to repay UH if they do not maintain eligibility through the class end date, or if they do not successfully complete their classes.
  • College for America program requires employees to complete 12 competencies, if they do not successfully complete requires competencies. Employees will be required to repay College for America directly.
Tuition Deferment
  • Some universities allow tuition deferment so that you don’t have to pay the full tuition cost up front. Contact your university to determine if it has a deferment program and how to apply.

Grade and Itemized Statement submission Deadlines

  • Once you have completed your 2018 class(s), you will have sixty (60) days to submit your grades and supporting documentation to the NEW EdAssist website https://uhhs.edassist.com.
    • Financial assistance from UH will only be applied toward tuition.
    • Fees and books will not be eligible for reimbursement through this program.
      - Fees and books may be reimbursable through grants or scholarship the employee may have been granted.
For More Information

Please contact EdAssist’s customer service team at 844-266-1530 or you may access the EdAssist website by clicking¬† https://uhhs.edassist.com.