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UH provides paid time off through the UH Paid Time Off (PTO) Program. We all need time off to rest, take vacations, celebrate holidays and attend to personal business. UH time off program allows flexibility in scheduling time away from work.


All regular full-time and part-time employees start accruing PTO upon date of hire.

Note: If you are an Executive, Physician, or Resident, you are not covered under the UH PTO Program. Please refer to your contract or policy handbook for details on your time off plan.

How PTO Is Accumulated
You earn PTO each pay period based on your:
  • PTO category – Plan A, B or C
  • Years of service
  • Hours paid

PTO begins to accrue on your date of hire into an eligible position. You may only use PTO that has already been accrued.

Annual PTO Allowances

The maximum PTO you can accumulate in a year is your annual allowance. Once that limit is reached, PTO stops accumulating until time is taken. Annual allowances for most UH employees are listed in the chart. If you are a Home Care Services per visit employee, click here to see your PTO accrual rate.

Years of Service PTO Days Plan A PTO Days Plan B PTO Days Plan C
0 – 4.99 23 days/184 hours PTO 28 days/224 hours PTO 33 days/264 hours PTO
5 – 9.99 25 days/200 hours PTO 30 days/240 hours PTO 33 days/264 hours PTO
10 – 14.99 28 days/224 hours PTO 33 days/264 hours PTO 33 days/264 hours PTO
15 -24.99 33 days/264 hours PTO 36 days/288 hours PTO 36 days/288 hours PTO
25 or more 39 days/312 hours PTO 39 days/312 hours PTO 39 days/312 hours PTO
Selling and Donating PTO
Selling PTO Donating PTO
  • During annual benefits open enrollment, if you know you will not use all of your PTO in the following year, you may choose to sell PTO, if the hours are available.
  • The money from PTO sold is added to each pay during the following year. This provides you with additional flexibility in using your PTO days.
  • Information about the amount available for sale will be provided at benefits open enrollment, which occurs during the last quarter of the year.
  • Regular full-time or part-time status employees who have completed the initial employment period are eligible to participate in the donation of or receipt of PTO time.
  • Employees may donate accumulated PTO hours to another employee who is on an approved leave of absence and is unable to work due to a catastrophic event, a personal illness, or to care for a spouse, same-sex domestic partner, son, daughter or parent who has a serious health condition.
  • A minimum of 40 hours must be maintained in the donating employee’s PTO bank following the donation.
  • Refer to the UH System-wide Policies & Procedures, policy HR-65, Donation of Paid Time, for the policy details and the PTO Donation Form.
For More Information

Refer to the UH System-wide Policies & Procedures, policy HR-51, Paid Time Off (PTO) Management, for program details. For employees who are grandfathered under one of the previous PTO plans, please refer to the transition policy under UH System-wide Policies & Procedures, HR-51 (B), Paid Time Off Transition. Please note that this site is only accessible when you are within the UH network.

Recognized UH Holidays
PTO days are required to be taken for UH officially recognized holidays, which include:
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day