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Available to you and your dependents are the comprehensive level of Web based childcare/eldercare resources and articles from qualified early childhood and geriatric professionals who assist in dealing with a wide variety of issues and concerns.


These referrals can help you make well informed decisions on tough family choices, such as childcare, eldercare, schooling and more.

Parenting Caring for
Older relatives
Caring for
School-Age children
  • Finding and managing child care options
  • Understanding a child’s development
  • Tips for choosing a quality program
  • Ideas for working through teen issues
  • Assistance with finding back-up child care and sick child care
  • Locating housing options
  • Designing long/short-term care plans
  • Caring from a distance
  • Coping with physical disabilities
  • Understanding Medicare and Medicaid
  • Parent Coaching
  • Tutoring Services
  • Special Needs Issues
  • Tips and Guidelines
  • Alternate Education Options


For More Information

For information on accessing the Family Dependent Care website, please visit the UH EAP website on the intranet which will provide you with login information. For additional questions or concerns, please contact Kari Graham, EAP coordinator at 216-844-4948.