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To help UH families grow, reimbursement of up to $2,500 is provided for certain qualified expenses for the legal adoption of either a single child or a sibling group.


Full-time employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least 35 hours per week and have completed 90 days of employment are eligible for adoption assistance.

Eligible Expenses

Qualified eligible expenses are reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to and for the legal adoption of an eligible child.

Eligible Expenses* Ineligible Expenses*
  • Adoption fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Court costs
  • Travel expenses (including meals and lodging) while away from home for adoption purposes
  • Re-adoption expenses relating to the adoption of a foreign child
  • Costs for which you received funds from any state, local, or federal program
  • Costs that violate state or federal law
  • Fees for carrying out a surrogate parenting agreement
  • Fees for the adoption of the child of the employee’s spouse
  • Fees paid for or reimbursed by any other person or organization
  • Expenses allowed as a credit or deduction under any other provision of federal income tax law

*As defined in the UH Adoption Assistance Policy. The reimbursement of qualified adoption expenses under the plan may be excluded from wages subject to Federal income tax withholding.

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Read FAQs or download a reimbursement request form.