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MetLife Critical Illness Insurance is designed to work with your medical and disability coverage to provide financial protection from costs associated with having a critical illness. It can help you pay your deductible and other medical costs or general living expenses like mortgage payments and child care – you have the flexibility to use the benefit in any way you choose.

How Does This Coverage Work

Your Initial Benefit provides a lump-sum payment upon the first diagnosis of a Covered Condition. A Recurrence Benefit is paid when a covered person is diagnosed with another occurrence of the same Covered Condition for which an Initial Benefit was previously paid.  The maximum amount that you can receive through your Critical Illness Insurance plan is called the Total Benefit and is up to 3 times the amount of your Initial Benefit.

Eligibility and Coverage Options

Any regular full- or part-time employee who is actively at work and working 16 or more hours per week (or an FTE status of .20 or more for UHMG physicians) is eligible for coverage. You can elect coverage for yourself, your spouse and eligible child(ren) up to age 26.

No evidence of insurability is required.  Provided you are actively at work, your coverage will be guaranteed.  There is no waiting period before you can become eligible for coverage. Pre-existing conditions rules may apply. 


Benefit Amounts for Certain Covered Conditions

Covered Conditions Initial Benefit Recurrence Benefit
Full Benefit Cancer4 100% of Initial Benefit 50% of Initial Benefit
Partial Benefit Cancer4,5 25% of Initial Benefit 12.5% of Initial Benefit
Heart Attack 100% of Initial Benefit 50% of Initial Benefit
Stroke6 100% of Initial Benefit 50% of Initial Benefit
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft 100% of Initial Benefit 50% of Initial Benefit
Kidney Failure 100% of Initial Benefit Not applicable
Alzheimer’s Disease7 100% of Initial Benefit Not applicable


For More Information

View this flyer for additional information.

If you have questions, please call 1-800-GET-MET 8 (1-800-438-6388), Monday – Friday,  8 am - 6 pm, Eastern Time to speak with a MetLife customer service representative.



The benefit listed on this page is “voluntary” coverage that is not sponsored by UH. Rather, this benefit is merely being made available to UH employees on a strictly voluntary basis. As such, the benefit is not covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). If you have any questions about this coverage, you should contact the provider directly.