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Identity Theft Protection through InfoArmor PrivacyArmor provides:

Identity Monitoring Uncovers security concerns at inception so they can be resolved before major damage occurs.
WalletArmor 24/7 monitoring to detect compromised credit cards, medical insurance card, driver’s license and more.
Solicitation Reduction A program that provides a reduction of unwanted solicitations, limiting exposure of personal information.
Credit Armor Monitors TransUnion credit activity and provides actionable alerts. Benefit includes an annual credit report and monthly credit score.
Full Service Privacy Advocate Remediation An expert case manager is assigned to assist and guide you through the identity restoration process should you fall victim to identity fraud or theft. Coverage includes restoration services for any pre-existing or post enrollment fraud events.
Internet Surveillance

Continuously monitors the “Underground Economy” to uncover compromised, sensitive information.

Discovers breached data and alerts in real time.

SocialArmor Manages and monitors social profiles on an ongoing basis to ensure a good reputation not only online but offline.
IdentityMD Tips, tools and resources to help members to prevent identity theft and manage the identity recovery process.
Digital Exposure Report Easy-to-read report summarizes results of internet searches, while InfoArmor monitors the participant’s online exposure.
PasswordArmor Provides a password management solution to store and utilize login information online with just one click.
$1M ID Theft Insurance Provides reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs such as lost wages, legal fees, notarizing and certified mail.
Privacy Armor Portal Members can login to their online account for access to account information and activity monitoring.


For more information, go to MyPrivacyArmor.com.

You will enroll in this benefit through Winston. If you elect Identity Theft Protection, you can pay for coverage through payroll deductions.